alba fucens


Latin colony founded around 303 b.C., Alba Fucens was for around 9 centuries the  roman bastion in the land of Abruzzo,  so that Cicerone defined this way: " ... Albae constiterunt, in urbe opportuna, munita propinqua, fortissimorum virorum, fidelissimorum civium atque optimorum."   "... in Alba Fucens they stopped in a favourable city, fortified, close, of strong men, whit strong and faithful citizens." (Cicerone Filippiche IV). Its decline correspond whit the decline of the roman empire even tough its importance in the marsican panorama (view)  went diminishing only at the beginning of the Late Midlle Ages. It felt in the typical torpor  of the mountains centre's now cut off by great trade. Torpor from which it woke up again all of a sudden in 1949, woke up by a belgian archeological mission of the university of Lovanio which, through a campaign of excavation, revealed at Italy and the entire world its ancient vestiges, witnesses of a glorious past.